Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

8th International  Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

July 5—9, 2010
Novosibirsk, Russia

Important Dates

Deadline for submission of Abstracts and Preliminary Registration Forms 20 April 2010

Authors are notified of paper selection by

1 May 2010
Visa form deadline 15 May 2010

Hotel reservation deadline

5 June 2010
Flight information, by 28 June 2010

Deadline for complete papers for Proceedings and Submission of post-deadline papers:

5 July 2010

The objective of the Conference is the exchange of information on new experimental and theoretical results on the following topics and related areas:

A. Plasma confinement
B.Plasma heating
C.Transport phenomena
E.Plasma diagnostics
F.Direct conversion of energy
G.Plasma-wall interaction
H.Applications of mirror plasmas
I.Mirror-based 14 MeV neutron sources
J.Nuclear technologies based on the mirror systems
K.Prospects of mirror-based reactors

The Conference will be held in the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics located at Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, Russia. Akademgorodok is the biggest scientific center of Siberia. It is located 30 km to the South of Novosibirsk city. Akademgorodok is a picturesque place surrounded by forests and situated on the bank of the large artificial lake with sandy beaches. July is the best summer time for Siberia.

Budker Institute of Noclear Physics

Call for Papers and Submission of Abstracts

The participants are invited to submit  papers to the Conference. One-page abstracts and filled Preliminary Registration Form should be mailed to the Scientific Secretary no later than  20 April, 2010. The abstracts should be detailed enough to bring out the purpose of the work and the results obtained. The abstracts will be bound as a booklet and given to participants at the Conference. Papers will be selected by the Program Committee on the basis of  submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified of the Committee’s decision by 1 May, 2010. Abstracts  should be submitted in an electronic form by e-mail.The acceptable formats for Abstracts are: LaTeX, Microsoft Word, or ASCII . Templates for the Abstracts are available at the Conference Website and can be sent by e-mail on request.

Proceedings of the Conference

The Conference Proceedings will be published after the meeting. The papers in electronic form should be delivered to the Scientific Secretary no later than the first day of the Conference. The Proceedings will be distributed to all registered participants of the Conference.

Conference Fee

Full details of the Conference fee, travel arrangements and hotel booking will be given in the Second Announcement.

Further Information

The Second Announcement, the Conference Registration Form and Accomodation Booking Form will be placed on the website and e-mailed to all pre-registered participants by 10 April 2010. The deadline for Registration and for completion of Accomodation Booking Forms is 15 May 2010.

International Program Committee

D. Baldwin (USA),
G. Dimov (Russia),
T. Imai (Japan),
A. Ivanov (Russia) Vice Chairman ,
E. Kruglyakov (Russia) Chairman ,
M. Kwon (Rep. Korea),
A. Litvak (Russia),
V. Pastukhov (Russia),
R. Post (USA),
D. Ryutov (USA),
T. Simonen (USA),
V. Smirnov (Russia),
Yu. Sokolov (IAEA),
V. Tereshin (Ukraine),
B. Unterberg (Germany).

Local Organizing Committee

A. Ivanov (Chairman),
K. Lotov (Scientific Secretary),
V. Astrelin,
P. Bagryansky,
Yu. Belchenko,
A. Burdakov,
G. Khlestova,
E. Kruglyakov,
M. Kuzin,
A. Lizunov,
A. Prokopenko,
S. Sinitsky,
S. Taskaev,
I. Timofeev.


Russian Foundation for Basic Research
Dynasty Foundation
Budker INP

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