Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

8th International  Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

July 5—9, 2010
Novosibirsk, Russia

Guidelines on Formatting Abstracts for the 8th International Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

P. Bagryansky1 and K. V. Lotov2
1Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia
2Novosibirsk State University, 630090, Novosibirsk, Russia

The book of Abstracts will be prepared from original one-page Abstracts to be supplied by authors in an electronic form. The requirements on formatting abstracts are set out as follows:

  • Abstracs are made single spaced, 12 point size in Times font, on A4 size paper (297 mm by 210 mm).
  • The Abstract sheet has 25 mm margins on all sides. The text width is 160 mm and the text height is up to 247 mm.
  • Title of the paper is printed by bold font, 14 pt, with centered alignment.
  • The list of authors is printed by 12 pt font with centered alignment, the presenting author is underlined.
  • Authors' affiliations are printed by italic font, 12 pt.
  • Any tables are printed in 12 point Times font to facilitate reading;
  • This page provides an example and template for preparing Abstracts.
  • Templates of the Abstract in LaTex and Microsoft Word are available on WWW and can be received by e-mail by the request.

Abstracts should be e-mailed to the Scientific Secretary no later than 20 April 2010.
Electronic files of Abstracts should be submitted in any of the following forms: LaTex, Microsoft Word, ASCII files from other wordprocessors.

[1] A. V. Arzhannikov et al. Proc. 8th Int. Conf. High-Power Particle Beams (Novosibirsk, 1990), v. 1, p. 14.
[2] M. A. Agafonov et al. Plasma Phys. Contr. Fusion 38, p. 93 (1996).

LaTex template
Microsoft Word template

list topics and related areas:

 A. Plasma confinement
 B. Plasma heating
 C. Transport phenomena
 D. MHD-stabilization
 E. Plasma diagnostics
 F. Direct conversion of energy
 G. Plasma-wall interaction
 H. Applications of mirror plasmas
 I. Mirror-based 14 MeV neutron sources
 J. Nuclear technologies based on the mirror systems
 K. Prospects of mirror-based reactors

When submiting the abstract please indicate the topic (from the above list) and preferred form of presentation (oral or poster).

The abstracts should be detailed enough to bring out the purpose of the work and the results obtained. The abstracts will be bound as a booklet and given to participants at the Conference. Papers will be selected by the Program Committee on the basis of submitted abstracts. Authors will be notified of the Committee's decision by May 1, 2010.

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