Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

8th International  Conference on Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement

July 5—9, 2010
Novosibirsk, Russia

Dear Colleagues,

If you need a visa to enter Russia, please send the filled Visa Form to the Conference Secretary as soon as possible. Accompanying persons must also fill in a separate visa form. Preparation of the official Invitation takes about one month. The original invitations will be sent by express mail.

Visa Form
(must be sent by e-mail as soon as possible, if needed)

  1. Full name (as in the passport):
  2. Date of birth:
  3. Country and place (city and/or region) of birth:
  4. Citizenship:
  5. Institution:
  6. Institution address:
  7. Position:
  8. Fax number:
  9. Home address:
  10. Passport number:
  11. Passport date of issue:
  12. Passport date of expiry:
  13. Expected date of entry (to Russia):
  14. Expected date of departure (from Russia):
  15. At which Russian Consulate will you apply for entry visa (city, country):
    (Do not confuse it with the location of a travel agency, that you can use as a mediator in getting your visa!)
  16. Tentative itinerary, if other from Moscow (transit) - Novosibirsk - Moscow (transit):
  17. Hotel reservation in Novosibirsk, dates (from, till):
Please also scan and electronically send us the pages of your passport which contain your personal data and issue/expiry dates. Your passport should be valid at least until mid-January 2011. Preferred form of the files is: grayscale, 150 dpi resolution, jpeg (jpg) format, compressed to 100-150 kb (75% quality).




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